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Transitioning From Partner To Alzheimer's Caregiver

Alzheimer’s: Transitioning From Partner to Caregiver

Most of us prefer to delay bad news. But, when it comes to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), the earlier the diagnosis, the better — for the patient and the prospective caregiver. An early diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment/ First stage Alzheimer’s gives the patient some control. He or she can modify lifestyle — more exercise, less […]

Surviving The Holidays As An Alzheimer's Caregiver

Surviving the Holidays as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

Humor can get you through the holidays. With three family members suffering Alzheimer’s, laughter has been essential. (Look, Grandpa can hide his own Easter eggs! Let’s just re-gift everything we gave him last year!). In all seriousness, being an Alzheimer’s caregiver around the holidays, populated with strange faces, blinking lights and open flames, can be […]


5 Tips for Helping People with Alzheimer’s During an Emergency

If you’re faced with a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, what’s the best plan for helping a loved one with Alzheimer’s? Check out these tips from our Alzheimer’s expert Megan Carnarius. Even for those of us who don’t live in hurricane territory, the devastating effects of last month’s storm should serve as a valuable reminder: disasters […]


3 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Have you had one of those moments? You forget a name, can’t find a folder you had just a minute before, or go into a room and blank on what you needed? For many boomers, these little memory lapses lead to larger worries — are we losing our minds, not just our keys? For most […]


Being a Successful Caregiver: Getting the Support You Need

Receiving the news that a loved has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia is often life-changing. As our population ages, more and more of us are faced with the difficult reality that our loved ones are experiencing increased memory impairment. Whether this is in the form of mild forgetfulness, often […]


Feed Your Brain Well to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Diet has long been used in the prevention of high cholesterol, heart disease and other diseases. Now dementia specialist Dr. Marwan Sabbagh is applying that same strategy in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. In the new book, “The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: Recipes to Boost Brain Health,” the geriatric neurologist has created a dietary plan designed […]


How To Cope With Common Alzheimer’s Behaviors

Alzheimer’s disease affects how people think, feel, and how they act. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, alterations in mood and behavior become common.  Many behaviors are a result of inability to remember things, to problem solve and to reason with others. These behaviors are the result of impairment in communication between cells. We need to remember […]

Recognizing The Signs Of Caregiver Stress

How To Recognize The Signs of Caregiver Stress?

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include more than memory loss. People with Alzheimer’s have trouble communicating, learning, thinking and reasoning and the symptoms get worse over time. That may leave you in a position of providing ever more care and support for your loved one. Caregiving is a rewarding act of love, but it’s not always […]


Tips on How to Plan Ahead for Alzheimer’s Disease

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include more than memory loss. People with Alzheimer’s have trouble communicating, learning, thinking and reasoning — problems severe enough to have an impact on their work, social activities and family life. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness. While the disease affects each person differently, symptoms will gradually worsen and there will […]

When Mom And Dad Need Help By Michael C. Campbell

When Mom and Dad Need Help by Michael C. Campbell

When Mom and Dad Need Help by Michael C. Campbell As an advisor and consultant to the senior housing and care industry for more than 18 years, Campbell has witnessed both the best and worst of senior housing and care. With the release of his new book, When Mom and Dad Need Help, he shares and […]