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Change Your Diet To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Vitamin C May Help Protect You Against Dementia

In a new study, researchers have discovered that the serum-concentration of the antioxidants vitamin C and beta-carotene are significantly lower in patients with mild dementia than in control persons. It might thus be possible to influence the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease by a person’s diet or dietary antioxidants. 74 Alzheimer’s Disease patients and 158 healthy […]

Antioxidants May Not Help Alzheimer's Patients

Antioxidants May Not Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Daily use of antioxidants including vitamin C and vitamin E didn’t improve thinking and memory skills in people with Alzheimer’s disease, in a new study. Researchers found that some patients taking antioxidants actually had faster declines in memory over the four-month study compared to those who were given vitamin-free placebo pills. Some reports have suggested […]

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Do Antioxidants Lead to Anti-Alzheimer’s?

We want to be healthy. We diligently strive to control our health in every way we possibly can. We have learned that we should eat low-fat, high fiber diets with lots of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits. We load up on salmon and blueberries and drink green tea because we are told they will prevent cancer, […]

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What Natural Remedies Help Alzheimer’s? Part 10: Alternative medicine | Getting to Know Alzheimer’s: 12 Things You Must Know

Alternative medicine By Mayo Clinic staff Various herbal mixtures, vitamins and other supplements are widely promoted as preparations that may support cognitive health or prevent or delay Alzheimer’s. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) convened an expert panel that concluded current evidence doesn’t support any benefit from taking vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic […]