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3 Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Have you had one of those moments? You forget a name, can’t find a folder you had just a minute before, or go into a room and blank on what you needed? For many boomers, these little memory lapses lead to larger worries — are we losing our minds, not just our keys? For most […]

Alzheimer's Gene

Four New Alzheimer’s Genes Found Double Risk of Developing the Disease

In the largest study of its kind, researchers from a consortium of 44 universities and research institutions in the United States, including Rush University Medical Center, identified four new genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Each gene individually adds to the risk of having this common form of dementia later in life. The findings, published in […]

Young onset Alzheimer's Disease

Living Gracefully With Younger Onset Alzheimer’s

By Susan Frick Every month for many years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to listen to an amazing group of people. Their knowledge and insights have taught me about living while facing some of life’s most difficult challenges. Sponsored by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, this monthly group is for people living with younger […]

Caring For A Person With Alzheimer’s Disease

Caring For A Person With Alzheimer’s Disease Your Easy-to-Use Guide From the National Institute on Aging This guide is for people who care for family members or others with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at home. Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease is a FREE 136-page eBook written by the professionals from the National Institute on Aging and […]

Brain Exercises May Slow Cognitive Decline Initially, But Speed Up Dementia Later

You have likely heard the advice that keeping your brain active can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease. A study by researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center finds that playing games, going to museums and doing other mentally stimulating activities can delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. However, if dementia does develop, it progresses more rapidly […]

Endear Supports the Rush University Medical Center for Charity

Endear Welcomes the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center as Its new Featured Charity

Endear is proud to announce that the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, has chosen us to showcase them as our “Featured Charity”. Endear for Alzheimer’s focuses on brining about awareness for Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Personally, I feel that Alzheimer’s research is one of the most important activities that our society will be engaged in […]


Having a Purpose in Life Helps Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Research done by Memory and Aging Project at Rush offers hope in fight against disease. Charlotte Morrison loves to walk, practice tai chi and paint with watercolors. Morrison, 83, finds meaning in helping others who live with her in the Bethlehem Woods Retirement Community in LaGrange Park to express themselves. “Every morning, I ask myself, […]


Can a Sense of Purpose Slow Your Brain From Mental Decline?

New evidence suggests a sense of meaning in life can mitigate symptoms of the degenerative disease, even when the illness’s harmful plaque has already accumulated in the brain. Few people would argue that having a sense of purpose in life is anything but a good thing. The Egyptian Book of the Dead even contains a […]

Late-Life Physical Activity

Study Finds Physical Activity Could Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

Researchers say a direct link between mental and physical fitness and the prevention of dementia-related diseases hasn’t been found, but recommending more activity can’t hurt. Being physically active may help reduce one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, even in older patients, according to a study published online April 18 in Neurology. The study is one of […]