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Research Study In Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL

New Paid Research Study Needs Alzheimer’s Patients

Schlesinger Associates is currently in the process of recruiting Alzheimer’s disease patients and their immediate family caregivers for two paid, in-person market research studies that we will be conducting at our Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL focus facility locations during the week of June 24th. If you or someone you know is interested in […]


Even Patients with Severe Dementia Respond to Music

French researchers report music therapy can improve the mood of people suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease. Music has charms to soothe even those suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease. That’s the key finding of encouraging new research from France, which found music therapy enhanced the moods of patients as much as four weeks after the conclusion of a four-week-long […]


Poor Outcomes for Hospitalized Patients With Alzheimer’s

For people with Alzheimer’s disease, a hospital stay may prove catastrophic. People with dementia are far more likely to be hospitalized than other older adults, often for preventable reasons like an infection that wasn’t noticed early enough. Hospitals can be upsetting to anyone, but consider the added fear factor if you can’t remember where you […]


Caregivers Told To Be Creative With Alzheimer’s Patients

While caring for her father diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, author and broadcaster Mary Ellen Geist, a former jazz singer, always found a song to sing with him at the start or the end of his day. Whether taking a walk or dining at meal times or even when bathing him, songs served as their language […]

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Getting to Know Alzheimer’s: 12 Things You Must Know | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

Beginning with our post today, Endear will feature a 12-part series on necessary basic information about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Our users have requested that we provide credible information that focuses on the “need-to-know” basics of the disease. If you know someone or have a relative who you think may be developing symptoms use this […]

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Simple Medical Tests Can Predict Alzheimer’s Disease | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

A combination of medical tests could improve the prediction of impending Alzheimer’s disease in patients, according to a recent study. By comparing risk factors based on magnetic resonance imaging, cerebrospinal fluid and neuropsychological testing, researchers at the University of California and the San Diego School of Medicine believe that doctors will be able to assess […]


Oldest US Citizens May Hold the Clues that Explain Cognitive Decline In Dementia Patients | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

Dr. Jeffrey Kaye’s Oregon Brain Aging Study (OBAS), a longitudinal study of factors related to healthy brain aging, has received a Merit Review Continuation Award from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The study, now entering its 22nd year, will use the four-year award to focus on understanding the mechanisms related to a major cause of […]

MRI Scans Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

How Do We Know If Our Brains Are Fit? | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

How Do We Know If Our Brains Are Fit? Measuring Brain Wellness As We Age When it comes to loss of memory and the decline of other mental functions associated with aging, health care providers and their patients need good information to guide proper care and treatment. That is why researchers who investigate brain wellness […]


Nonprofit Research Institute Building $1.1 Billion Lab At UConn Health Center | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

A Bar Harbor, Maine-based genetics research institute plans to build a $1.1 billion laboratory at the UConn Health Center campus in Farmington, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced Friday morning. A source close to the administration said that The Jackson Laboratory, founded in 1929 and one of the oldest genetic research labs in the world focusing […]


Blood Tests May Predict Rate of Alzheimer’s Disease Progression | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

A team of scientists, led by Johns Hopkins researchers, may have found a way to predict how quickly patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) will lose cognitive function by looking at ratios of two fatty compounds in their blood. The finding, they say, could provide useful information to families and caregivers, and might also suggest treatment […]