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Choir for people with Alzheimer's or dementia

Sing Here Now! Choir for Elderly With Memory Loss

The Alzheimer’s Association is offering a unique way for the elderly to keep active and stimulate cognitive function. Sing Here Now is a choir program for elderly people experiencing memory loss and people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Many local Alzheimer’s Association chapters have a choir program, although the Oregon chapter is the first to implement […]


Music Therapy for Individuals With Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

A couple months ago there was a big buzz about a video circulating widely on the Internet. The video, called “Alive Inside,” showed a social worker giving an iPod filled with music to a nursing home resident. What ensued allowed viewers to witness the amazing power of music: Henry, the gentleman featured in the story, does indeed […]


Even Patients with Severe Dementia Respond to Music

French researchers report music therapy can improve the mood of people suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease. Music has charms to soothe even those suffering from severe Alzheimer’s disease. That’s the key finding of encouraging new research from France, which found music therapy enhanced the moods of patients as much as four weeks after the conclusion of a four-week-long […]


Using Music to Engage Alzheimer’s Patients

By Marie Marley People caring for those with Alzheimer’s have long known that music is special to these individuals. It won’t stop or slow the progression of their disease, but it can be of significant benefit to them. Many people with Alzheimer’s can sing songs, including most or even all of the lyrics, long after their Alzheimer’s […]