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Surviving The Holidays As An Alzheimer's Caregiver

Surviving the Holidays as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

Humor can get you through the holidays. With three family members suffering Alzheimer’s, laughter has been essential. (Look, Grandpa can hide his own Easter eggs! Let’s just re-gift everything we gave him last year!). In all seriousness, being an Alzheimer’s caregiver around the holidays, populated with strange faces, blinking lights and open flames, can be […]

Helping Alzheimer's Patients Stay Independent

Helping Those With Alzheimer’s Disease Stay Independent

A new study shows that caregivers may be unintentionally robbing those with Alzheimer’s of their independence and self-worth. According to a researcher at the University of Alberta, while caregivers — whether family members or professionals — may just want to help, they often take over tasks that the person with Alzheimer’s is more than capable […]


Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Challenges for Caregivers

I learned about Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia during my medical school education when I was in my mid-twenties. At that time I didn’t have an appreciation for how challenging it is to live with or be a caregiver for someone with either of these diseases. After being in practice for 10 years and working with caregivers for […]

Caring For A Person With Alzheimer’s Disease

Caring For A Person With Alzheimer’s Disease Your Easy-to-Use Guide From the National Institute on Aging This guide is for people who care for family members or others with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at home. Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease is a FREE 136-page eBook written by the professionals from the National Institute on Aging and […]

Intimate stories about dementia

Casual Fridays: Shining light on Alzheimer’s – “Fleas and a Feather Float Together”

Casual Fridays are a series of real stories about people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. They are positive, slightly sad but enlightening. I want to show that you can still have intimate personal connections with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Additionally, I hope that readers can relate them to their own experiences. While some of these […] – Innovative Web Based System for Recording, Monitoring, and Managing Home Health Care | Home Health Care Management

eCaring – Better Lives Through Better Care Our mission is to make home health care better. eCaring is an innovative, low cost, web-based system to gather and share home care information. Our easy-to-use, icon-based system enables home care workers, caregivers, and seniors themselves to enter comprehensive information about care, conditions, status, and activity of a […]

Memory Changes in Aging Brain are Normal

Some Memory Changes in Aging Brain are Normal

Dementia and its evil twin, Alzheimer’s, may have moved ahead of cancer on the list of most feared diseases, especially among baby boomers, who have begun to believe it is their inescapable fate if they have the bad luck to live too long. So we grasp at any news about aging, hoping that medical science […]