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Endear for Alzheimer's Supporting Bike4Alz

Younger Generations Will Conquer Alzheimer’s Disease. They Go by the Name of: Bike4Alz

Today twelve gentlemen who attend Western Kentucky University depart on the ride of their lives. These men have more tenacity than 90 percent of all college students past and present, including myself. John William Owens (Will), the public relations manager for Bike4Alz describes the group’s project in his words. The two of us have been […]

Bike 4 Alz: Western Kentucky University Students ride cross country for Alzheimer's

College Students Cycle Across the US for Alzheimer’s

On May 25, 2012, a group of college guys will begin a North to South cross-country bicycle trip to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease research. They call themselves Bike4Alz. The ride will begin at International Falls, Minnesota, located on the US-Canada border.  Seven weeks later the group will be sipping piña coladas in […]