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Research Study In Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL

New Paid Research Study Needs Alzheimer’s Patients

Schlesinger Associates is currently in the process of recruiting Alzheimer’s disease patients and their immediate family caregivers for two paid, in-person market research studies that we will be conducting at our Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL focus facility locations during the week of June 24th. If you or someone you know is interested in […]

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New Alzheimer’s Drug May Be the First to Prevent Disease Progression. More Good News: Drug Could be Affective For Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Stroke

A new drug candidate may be the first capable of halting the devastating mental decline of Alzheimer’s disease, based on the findings of a study published in PLoS ONE. When given to mice with Alzheimer’s, the drug, known as J147, improved memory and prevented brain damage caused by the disease. The new compound, developed by […]

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How do Doctors Test for Alzheimer’s? Part 7: Tests and diagnosis | Getting to Know Alzheimer’s: 12 Things You Must Know | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

Tests and diagnosis By Mayo Clinic staff There’s no specific test today that confirms you have Alzheimer’s disease. Your doctor will make a judgment about whether Alzheimer’s is the most likely cause of your symptoms based on the information you provide and results of various tests that can help clarify the diagnosis. Doctors can nearly […]


Fish Oil For Cognitive Health: The Investigation Continues | Alzheimer’s Articles, Information and Resources

Recent media coverage about health research has emphasized study results indicating that fish oil as a treatment to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease has proven to be ineffective. Widely cited as the source of this information is an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association describing the results of an NIA study […]