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The Latest Outlook On Alzheimer's Disease

The Latest Outlook On Alzheimer’s Disease

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and the nonprofit Alzheimer’s Association projects that, barring major advances, 11 million to 16 million will have it by 2050–at an annual cost of $1.1 trillion in today’s dollars. In May, the government announced the first national plan to combat Alzheimer’s, and one focus is the role […]


Alzheimer’s Could be the Most Catastrophic Impact of Having a Poor Diet

There is evidence that poor diet is one cause of Alzheimer’s. If ever there was a case for the precautionary principle, this is it because regulation is light, the industry can kill off the only effective system for telling us how much fat, sugar and salt food contains. When you raise the subject of over-eating […]


Eating Junk Food May Put You at Risk of Developing Dementia

Gorging on junk food may not just make you fat – it could also give you dementia. Evidence is growing that a bad diet triggers Alzheimer’s by poisoning the brain. With studies on animals strongly implicating the hormone insulin in the process, some believe Alzheimer’s to be another version of diabetes. Bizarre as the claim […]

Bad Sleep Linked To Alzheimer's Disease

Bad Sleep Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

Disturbed sleep is associated with preclinical signs of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers found. In a small cohort study in cognitively normal people, frequent awakenings and a habit of lying awake were linked to higher levels of markers of the brain plaques that are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, according to Yo-El Ju, MD, of Washington University […]


Those With Low BMI Show Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

The middle-aged in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease are more likely to have lower body mass index, U.S. researchers found. Study author Dr. Jeffrey M. Burns of the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City said the findings challenge the research that showed people who are overweight in middle age are more […]