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Endear encompasses multiple services in effort to get people the help that they need.

Our website acts as the center of our online community. Here you have access to a comprehensive listing of the best doctors and facilities available. Our Alzheimer’s listing spans nationwide, so it’s easy to find care wherever you are. It’s also easy to find information.

The place to go for the information you need. Our blog provides reports on scientific advancements of Alzheimer’s and dementia, articles to assist caretakers of suffering family members, as well as current news on Alzheimer’s related events. It is Endear’s responsibility to provide the most credible information available therefore credible institutions back all articles we post.

Our Online Community
Our Facebook Page: A great place for people to get together and help each other!

Our Twitter Page: Up-to-the-minute updates on what’s happening in news, medicine, care and activities.

Our LinkedIn Page: Connect with professionals and participate in Alzheimer’s and Dementia discussions.

Our Google+ Page: Makes sharing online more like sharing in real life.

Consider Endear the place to find the resources you need when your loved ones need it the most.


Advertising Options

Through the use of Social Media Marketing and affective Search Engine Optimization practices, Endear has established a huge online presence. We want to make our clients money!

Above we spoke about the free services that we offer to help our users. Now we will show you how we can help you make money for your business!

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Healthcare Consulting ServicesHealthcare Consulting Services
Market & Feasibility Studies
Business Plans & Financial Forecasting
New Facility Design & Construction Project Management
Special Program & Facility Development
Affiliation Agreements


Geriatric Management ServicesElder Care Advisor Services
Placement Options
Caregiver Consultation
Medical Advocacy
Relocation Coordination
Real Estate & Financial Planning Assistance
Elder Care Attorney Referral


List Alzheimer’s Resources
Senior Living Communities
Long Term Care Facilities
Alzheimer’s Homecare Services
Medical Practices


Advertise Your Business
Long Term Care Insurance
Reverse Mortgages
Financial Planning
Retirement & Will Preparation
Senior Focused Products