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Endear is dedicated to providing needed resources to people who need them. Whether it’s helping charities raise donations, connecting people with others, or simply making information available.

August 24th, 1919 – October 3rd, 1998
On Easter of 2011 I was given a gift. I received this gift from a family member who gave the same gift to other family members. The gift was a letter. To sum up the letter, he wrote:

Each of you has received a simple bank envelope and in it is a valuable bill, not because of it’s denomination, but what I’m going to ask you to do with it.

Although I love you dearly, this is not for you.

I want you to be creative in your ability to find a way to offer this gift to another person, cause, group that you feel could have their lives lifted for a tiny bit.

This is simply my way of underscoring the incredible gifts that the person of Easter has provided for me and I wanted you to have the Opportunity to share that same gratitude.

Dad, Grandpa, or whatever…

Inside the envelope was a $100 bill. This gift made me think of ways to help others. I thought of causes that were dear to me and I thought of my Grandpa who had passed away from Alzheimer’s disease.

Grandpa came from a family who emigrated from Mexico. He was born in Kansas and later moved to Chicago where he met my Grandmother. They met at a young age and married the same year he went into service.  In September 1944 he was sent to Belgium where he fought for the US army in the Battle of the Bulge. He served as an Infantry Field Officer who led a mortar team. Grandpa returned to Chicago without any visual injuries in January 1946.

He had a fun personality and people gravitated towards him. You can see this in the photo of us horsing around when I was a youngster. He used his charm and intelligence working for an ad agency and then as a salesman for a subsidiary of The Hershey Company. Eventually Grandma and Grandpa partnered to run a Customs Brokerage. The two worked side by side as Customs House Brokers for a number of years. Grandma was one of the first women in Chicago to be licensed as a Customs Broker.

In the early 90’s Grandpa was diagnosed with Dementia. A couple years later the diagnosis was refined to Alzheimer’s disease. In 1994 the disease began to progress rapidly, however he was still able to spend much of his time at home. My Grandmother spent all of her time with him. He participated in some studies at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago as well as received care there. They would visit a nursing home on the north side of Chicago to help Grandpa stay active and social, jokingly; they called it “the Club”.  The last year of his life he spent in the hospital, battling infections and struggling to keep physical strength. On October 3rd, 1998 he passed away. The cause of death was sepsis from an infection due to a weakened immune system.

Thinking about the 100-dollar bill and my Grandfather I wrote a business plan for a non-profit organization, which I chose to call “Endear”.

In hearing many stories about Alzheimer’s, I found that many (including myself) struggled with finding peace with the disease. I aspired to create change in the way people view the disease. This can be accomplished, through increasing awareness, and providing more information about Alzheimer’s and dementia. I had to help people learn more about the disease so that they could become better caregivers, supporters, and come to terms with their losses.

Through researching non-profit organizations, I noticed that many of them had weak or non-existent marketing plans, and few employed the Internet and social media. My idea was to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease research by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.
The formation of Endear progressed. I hade enlisted a team of professionals to help run the organization. At our final meeting, Endear as a non-profit fell apart.

I was heartbroken for a moment, then immediately realized I could accomplish the same goals although in a simpler matter as a for-profit company. I took the 100-dollar and donated it to Alzheimer’s research, then re-created Endear.

As a tribute to my Grandfather, Endear supports the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center (RADC) at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center is one of 29 Alzheimer’s disease research centers across the country designated and funded by the National Institute on Aging. They provide a full spectrum of services in the diagnosis and care of people with Alzheimer’s disease. RADC focuses on four main areas of research, including risk factors, neurological basis of the disease, and improving diagnosis and treatment. They provide services to more than 5,000 Alzheimer’s patients and their families through their outpatient clinic and also operate the Alzheimer’s Family Care Center, an adult day care center for people with dementia. A unique combination of research and patient care has earned Rush national rankings in 10 of 16 specialty areas in U.S.News & World Report‘s 2011 America’s Best Hospitals issue, among other recognitions of their quality of care and accreditations.

Endear provides a direct donation link to the Rush University Medical Center at the bottom of each page on this website. The link goes directly to Rush and they receive 100% of the donations made. Please help further Alzheimer’s research by making a donation.

Our intent is to help people help others, because the damage of Alzheimer’s is not limited to the people who have it. Endear achieves this through providing the resources that family members need in one place. We provide useful information to educate family members in understanding Alzheimer’s. Our eBook Library is an especially useful place for caregivers.

Endear’s additional resources include a national directory of Alzheimer’s and dementia-focused care. As choosing the right care for someone with Alzheimer’s is difficult we felt obligated to provide a connection to care managers to assist in the process. Our Elder Care Advisor service and Alzheimer’s Directory can help ease logistical and medical concerns. Allowing the family to appreciate their final moments with loved ones, and amend the emotional damage that accompanies Alzheimer’s.

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Carlos Barrios is the Founder & Marketing Manager of Endear Marketing Group LLC. He is a Philanthropist, Marketer and a People Lover. Carlos leads Endear’s mission to better the lives of people connected to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. He lives in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon where he enjoys being active and engaging with people.